Tyler Smith


I build custom website solutions for small businesses and marketing agencies as a white-label developer. I primarily specialize in PHP and frontend development using WordPress and Laravel, and I have experience using a broad spectrum of tools including Vue, Axios, ES6, Bootstrap, Hugo, Sass, Grunt, Gulp, jQuery, Git, NPM, Highcharts, ECharts, Adobe Suite, Sketch, Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and more.

I strive to build fast-loading, maintainable, semantically-correct websites that achieve the business goals of my clients. Let’s build something cool together!

My previous work as a digital marketer has given me a well-rounded perspective on web development in the greater digital ecosystem, from the importance of load-speed optimization on ad landing pages for increased conversions, to how web accessibility can improve SEO. I have built sites for organizations ranging from accounting firms to ballot initiatives, and implemented custom features ranging from advanced portfolio filtering to custom data visualization. I speak the language of marketing and can translate your needs into production-ready code.