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Linkin Park Piano for Raspberry Pi

Linkin Park Piano for Raspberry Pi Screenshot


  • Python
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Spleeter
  • Midi
  • systemd

This project is simple: when you play the intro to Linkin Park’s “In The End” on a digital piano that’s connected to a Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi plays the song’s chorus.

I initially wrote a prototype script that printed lyrics to the console when the notes were entered correctly, but I wanted to play the actual recording through a speaker. I couldn’t find a clean splice point before the chorus, so I used the TensorFlow-powered Spleeter library to separate the vocals from instrumentals. I then used Reaper to blend the isolated vocal pickup with the rest of the chorus. Finally, I wrote a systemd unit file to ensure that the program would boot at startup without requiring manual intervention.

In the end, I think it turned out pretty well.