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Vite Flask Backend Integration POC

Vite Flask Backend Integration POC Screenshot


  • Vite
  • Flask
  • TypeScript
  • Scss

I wanted to use Vite to bundle TypeScript and Scss on a Go project that I was building, but I had trouble understanding the Vite Backend Integration guide. I searched for an easier-to-understand guide, but instead I found an endless slew of third-party Vite integration packages.

I decided to build a backend integration proof-of-concept that could be used as an example for developers who are building their own integrations. Python and Flask were selected for the backend because they are familiar tools for developers across multiple ecosystems. The POC compiles Scss & TypeScript, and provides a Jinja template helper to get the hashed URLs of the production assets. I also wrote a blog post that describes the integration in exhaustive detail.

One challenging part of this project was generating a vector image of the Flask logo in Illustrator because I couldn’t find one on the Internet. I’ve included the SVG logo below in hopes that others may find it useful.

An SVG of Flask’s logo